Cutter's Camp 2017

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Space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Packages are all inclusive of lodging, meals, indoor sessions and workshops, grooming demos, drink tickets, networking activities and welcome bag. Pretty much everything! Questions: E-mail




Terrain Park Pre-Season Game Plan (NEW for 2017!) 
Taking advantage of this year's fall refresher format, campers will experience a deep-dive into pre-season preparation for park design, opening procedurces and maintenance. This real-life scenario will take campers through in-depth pre-season checklists and management practices. Interactive group exercises will include reviewing everything from snowmaking sequences to staff training and from park design to construction schedules. As well as managmenet approval, event considerations, marketing plans, tool and resource inventory and more. 

Top 10 Terrain Park Risks
Insurance experts will review incidents and claims to highlight the 10 biggest terrain park risks resorts needs to address: from staff performance and inspections to guest education and protecting young riders. 

Transistion Events
Bowls and hips and transistions, oh my! Terrain park events inspired by skateboarding and surfing are rapidly gaining popularity. And it takes creativity to build them. Steve Petrie of Arena Snowparks will share inspiration from his Holy Bowly build at Lake Louise; Elia Hamilton of Peak Resorts will talk about the annual Red Bull All Snow; and Ken Gaitor shows off Snowshoe's Berming Man Banked Slalom event. 

Strategic Park Planning
Once upon a time, terrain parks were built only when natural snowfall or snowmaking conditions permitted. Rarely did construction coincide with guest visitation trends. The large park was always the first priority, with small/progression parks following as timing and resources allowed. Today, park builders follow more strategic business practices. Learn what has changed, why it has changed, how you as a manager can plan your season’s build, and what the future may look like. 

The Serious Business of Progression
Your park is a business and having a plan to grow your customer base is essential. Learn about several successful programs that build a progression plan using the principles of fun and a stress-free environment. These programs cater to the very young, women, and adults wanting to get in on the fun of freestyle terrain.

Notebook Practicum and Jump Measurements 
Attendees will participate in a hands-on jump measurement procedure workshop to discuss best practices and tools used. NSAA Freestyle Notebook updates will be discussed along with ASTM updates including a status report on the F27.70 subcommittee for Freestyle Terrain Park Jumps.

Breakout PODS
Park-relevant topics will be addressed in small breakout pods led by industry experts. Topics include: events/social media, snow science and snowmaking, vehicle maintenance, planning and communication, feature construction, safety and risk management. Attendees will exchange ideas with colleagues and pose questions in lightning round discussions.

Snowcat Maintenance Workshop
What are the most important things to know to get the most from your machines? What are the stresses and forces to avoid? Plus, a daily walk-around rountine for park operators. 

Pre-Camp Tour of Mount Snow's Extensive Snowmaking Renovation
Join the project manager of Mount Snow's massive snowmaking renovation for an insider's tour of the construction process. Attendees will be taken to the brand new, 120-million-gallon off-stream impoundment snowmaking pond, West Lake, which will provide the resort with six times more water storage and double the snowmaking capacity. 


• Risk Management: Accident investigation & terrain park documentation
• Hosting successful events and contests in your park
• Design and construction of snow and man-made features
• Strategies for growing participation
• Machine operation and maintenance
• Staff and guest education
…and much more!



Monday, Nov. 6
• 1pm - 4pm — Registration
• 2pm - 4pm — Mount Snow Snowmaking Rennovation Tour
• 3:30pm - 4:30pm — Cat Maintenance Workshop
• 5pm - 6pm — Fireside Chat
• 6pm — Dinner and Welcome Party

Tuesday, Nov. 7
• 7:30am — Breakfast
• 8:30am - 12:15pm — Sessions
• 12:15pm — Lunch
• 1:15pm - 5pm — Sessions
• 6pm — Dinner

Wednesday, Nov. 8
• 7:30am — Breakfast
• 8:30am - 12:00pm — Sessions
• 12:00pm — Lunch



For the 15th consecutive year, terrain park professionals from across the globe gathered at Timberline, Mt. Hood, Ore., May 16-20 for a week of building, educational workshops, networking, and camp activities. More than 50 resorts were represented. With so many regions represented—from the East coast to the West coast, and from the Midwest to Canada—and with a wide range in resort size, discussions were lively and productive.

The week kicked off with 20 inches of fresh snow, perfect for grooming demos from PistenBully and Prinoth. While the snow fell, campers gathered for a "Fiireside Chat" centered on how to turn a passion into a career, followed by Burton's Welcome Party.

For the next three days, terrain-building was front and center on the agenda. Each camper was assigned a four-hour, one-on-one on-hill coaching block to work with an expert groomer on advancing their building and shaping skills and exchanging tips and shortcuts.

For campers not on-hill, that second day was devoted to risk management, planning, and logistics. Sessions dove into terrain park documentation, staff training and freestyle terrain staff guidelines, transition events, and planning for holiday weeks and milestones. That evening, campers experienced the Windells sports bubble and participated in the 5th annual Prinoth DodgeBall Tournament.

On the third day, campers broke into four groups and participated in the risk management-themed Park Challenge Workshop, which tested their skills in communication, jump measurement, incident investigation, and strategic thinking as they worked through real-world scenarios. The afternoon presentations covered a host of park topics, from feature construction and vehicle maintenance to snow science and events. The day finished with a session on progression as a business, followed by the annual PistenBully Snowmobile races and sumo wrestling.

The fourth day saw campers complete a second Park Challenge Workshop, this one on planning and logistics, followed by the popular Terrain Park Managers' Roundtable.

All of that served as fuel for what was the most beneficial aspect of camp, according the campers: the conversations that continue through the evening after the workshops end.

As one camper summed up the week:

"It has been so amazing, meeting all of these park professionals. I learned so much and gained many positive perspectives from the people I have met here. Everyone has been very supportive and helpful. I am excited to go home and apply my new knowledge and skills to my park back home. This camp really encouraged a positive and real vibe that feels like a family. My eyes have been opened. I hope I get to come back every year. I am forever grateful for this experience."

This important industry resource would not be possible without the expertise and guidance of our core panelists, some of whom have been part of Camp from the beginning: Elia Hamilton, Peak Resorts; Jay Scambio, Boyne Resorts; Kevin Laverty, Vail Resorts; Ken Gaitor, Snowshoe; Chris Hargrave, Windells and Logan Stewart, Timberline.

We also thank our Cutter's Camp sponsors, who have kept us going for 15 years. This year’s sponsors were 1Risk, Arena Snowparks, BlackStrap, Burton, Gogglesoc, HKD Snowmakers, Leica, PistenBully, Prinoth, Safehold Special Risk, Snow Park Technologies, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Tobe.

Cutter's Camp is excited to head east this fall for a first-ever Fall Refresher at Mount Snow, Vt., Nov. 6-8. Registration will open on July 15th. The Refresher is designed to energize and engage park staff for the season ahead.

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“At the start of camp my biggest issue was difficulty communicating with my team and upper management. After camp I have a better understanding of terrain parks role in the “big picture” of the resort and a better idea of how to communicate my needs within that structure.” 

"This has been the best thing I have ever done to better my park. Really looking forward to applying everything I have learned.” 

“Year after year I am able to go back to my resort and apply a new things that I have picked up.” 

"This is a time I will never forget, the friends I have made this week, the knowledge, skills, and tools gained will change our mountain for the better.” 

"Extremely helpful and knowledgeable coaches." 

"I fell in love with the environment and the people that are a part of this industry. I'm glad to see that everyone is moving in the same direction."